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Our OGP action plan covers activities in the areas of developing public (e-)services, making state information assets (data) available, involving citizens in policy-making, and preventing corruption and conflicts of interest.

Estonia has been successful in creating public services that are easily and securely accessible to all.

Mercell's e tender system (MSS) is used by thousands of public buyers in Norway, Denmark and Sweden.

The MSS system is a web-based Saa S allowing authorities to manage the whole tender process in full compliance with EU Directives and national legislation.

The advanced and smart use of ICT systems is also making governance more open and transparent by enabling people to easily follow and participate in decision-making.

The improvement of e-services has also helped to reduce corruption and deepen accountability in the society and government.

The system meets all EU requirements for conducting an electronic tender process within public sector, and is continuously developed in accordance with the current regulations in the area, as well as national and European best practices in the field.

The Pan-European Public Procurement Online (PEPPOL) project has been developing and implementing the technology standards to align business processes for electronic procurement across all governments within Europe, aiming to expand market connectivity and interoperability between e-procurement communities.

uses cookies to give you the best possible experience on our site.Estonia’s main goals in participating in the OGP are to draw attention to the quality of state governance and learn from the experiences of other states, while sharing also our own best practices – especially in areas of e-governance and public sector ICT use.The Estonian Government is dedicatedly working towards an open and empowered people’s society where the citizens’ voices are heard and civil society initiatives become a part of the political process.Pierwszym największym rejestratorem nowych domen w Polsce była spółka Sp. Dla przykładu adres Wikipedii pl.składa się z trzech wyrazów rozdzielonych kropkami.Aby lepiej zrozumieć sens domeny internetowej dobrze jest przeanalizować elementy adresu Wikipedii: org to domena najwyższego poziomu mająca najbardziej ogólne znaczenie – przypisywana jest stronom wszystkich organizacji, to nazwa domeny wykupionej przez fundację Wikimedia i odnosi się do projektu o nazwie Wikipedia, natomiast domena pl.identyfikuje jego polską wersję.Rozróżniamy domeny najwyższego poziomu: .com, .net,


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